Lifestyle - Genentech / Props assistant 

Lifestyle- Yeo Valley / Props buyer and set dresser

Commercial- LV Insurance / Props buyer and set dresser 

Commercial - Deliveroo / Stylist & Props 

Commercial - Frozen the Musical  / Wardrobe Stylist 

Commercial- Pampers x Netmums / Stylist 

Short- A Short Film / Costume Designer 

Lifestyle - TSB /  Costume Assistant 

Commercial- 'For Those Who Go All Out'' for McDonalds Christmas Socials / Wardrobe Stylist 

Commercial- British Red Cross / Wardrobe and props supervisor  

Commercial- Anglepoise Lamps / Props buyer and set dresser

Commercial- Crisis UK / Wardrobe and props stylist 

Commercial- Park Savings / Prod: A+C Animations / DIR: Dan Richards / Props buyer and set dresser 

Commercial- Department Of England /  Wardrobe Stylist 

Commercial- 'Schnuggs' for McDonalds / Wardrobe Stylist 

Commercial- Canterbury for Rugby World Cup  / Costume Assistant 

Commercial- Kappa x Aston Villa / Wardrobe Stylist 

Commercial- Favro / Wardrobe Stylist 

Music Video- Faded by Lyves / Wardrobe Stylist 

Music Video- Shells by TigerLion  / Wardrobe  Stylist 

Commercial- British Red Cross / Wardrobe Supervisor

Commercial- Hewlett Packard / Art Director and Costume Designer 

Short- Skywatch / Wardrobe Stylist 

Short- Your Reality / Wardrobe Supervisor 

Feature Film - Lie 12 at Manoto TV /  Costume Assistant 

Internal Fundraising Promo- British Red Cross / Wardrobe and Art Department 

Commercial- The Journey for Hyundai (Hyundai x Chelsea FC, Hyundai x Lyon FC, Hyundai x Atletico Madrid FC) / Costume Designer 

Commercial- Epic Family Time for Centre Parcs  / Costume Assistant 

Music Video- Show Me Love by Isaac Gracie /  Wardrobe Supervisor 

Theatre Promo- Betrayal by Harold Pinter for The Jamie Lloyd Co /  Art Dept

Commercial- Goodbye Rosie/ Goodbye Clive for Curry's, PC World / Costume Assistant 

Commercial- Just Eat / Costume Assistant 

Commercial- Now TV / Costume Assistant

Feature Film- Red Devil / Costume Standby

Short- Keep Mum / Costume Designer